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I'm a / We're a...:
Current Status:
Looking for:
Body Type:
6' 03"
Hair Type:
Brown / Gray
Woman for Dating

Woman for Friendship

Graduate school
curiously minded, but not painted in a corner
Political Leanings:
Independent, Republican, Fiscal Conservative, Moderate, Conservative, Smart
White River Junction
Self Empowered
Have Children:
Yes, not living with me, Two, awesome girls, almost grown up.
Want Children:
No, I have two great grown daughters and would like to meet other grown children, but not have more.
Not interested
I get around town via: Car, Walk
My dietary preferences are: Indiscriminant Omnivore, But respectful to waste
I spend my free time: That is where You come in!

Let it be you

Last night I woke, around midnight or so, wondering how it would be to be so infatuated with someone that you actually look forward to cancel your Saturday’s plans, just to be with you. To be done with those 2 to 4 year relationships and know you can rely on a simple “sorry, that didn’t come out right” after you said something wrong. No urge to fill the silence with meaningless chatter, because the silence around you would actually be restful, or exciting, or something that you simply like. How would it be to want to get out of your comfortable chair when you hear your car pull into the driveway, to go to the door to say hello, or just to see your smile. To have a conversation about the weather, over a fresh cup of home-made espresso, or listen to your worries about your pale looking canary that isn’t singing lately, maybe over a glass of red wine, maybe on the deck looking at the sunset. Dream about travels you went on, want to do again, but now with you, with an excitement that you didn’t know you had. Laugh about your dog, who doesn’t really like your canary, but around you seems inseparable.

In short, do all the things you already like, but with you, you appreciate them to the fullest.

You can go on, but surely, you already figured out how you fit this. Now it is up to you.


Three things that I want from my ideal mate are... Attention, attention and attention. And in return, Well, you will see :-)

People always tell me I'm... Bright. Maybe boring at first glance, but at second glance, the right person will see past that.

Might as well face it, I'm addicted to... coffee, or better yet,serving a cappuccino in bed!

What is the one thing that you love that everybody else hates? The rush that comes from picking up the pace so everyone goes home at a reasonable time

It's karaoke night and I'm singing... Not so much. In the right setting though, I will accept your invitation to dance! Not that I am particularly good.

I would describe my fashion sense as... Hyper practical, without drawing attention to myself in either a pleasing or repulsive way.

Fill It

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are Smelly people and one night stands

On a Saturday night you will most likely find me not at a bar

I couldn't live without sunshine

The first section I turn to in Seven Days is personals, after all, I am a dreamer

My ideal partner would be in the 38 to 48 age range.

The quickest way to my heart is directly The quickest way to my bed is by not asking And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked ? Does anyone say no to that?

In and Out

Cow's milk or Soy milk

Microbrew or Bud

Murphy's Law or Karma

Cat or Dog

Black or Cream & sugar


Theater or Night Club

Morning Bird or Night Owl

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