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I'm a / We're a...:
Current Status:
Looking for:
Body Type:
5' 08"
Hair Type:
Blonde, Brown
Man for Friendship

Graduate school
Political Leanings:
Democrat, Liberal
Author - Painter - Beekeeper - Caretaker of the land
Have Children:
Yes, not living with me
Want Children:
Ok if you already have some
I am good for about one sip...
Not interested
I get around town via: Car, by default - I live in the country. But I hike a lot and use my bike to get to the lake for a dip.
My dietary preferences are: Veg-Aquarium (vegetarian that eats fish), I realize that this preference is a priviledge. If there is scarcity, I will eat anything.... :-)
I spend my free time: Creating, Playing sports, Hiking, Working out, Watching movies, Skiing, Gardening, climbing, playing Mandolin, taking care of the cedar forest and the mosses surrounding my home...

Adventurous and country loving beekeeper

Come ski with me under a full moon, or climb a mountain to enjoy the view. I love relaxing and playing music by the wood stove after an outdoor adventure or waltz through the kitchen while the bread is in the oven. When I put my paint brush down, it's time to head outside. A good book is still my preference over TV. Ha ha - I don't have a TV. Make me laugh, you'll win my heart.


Might as well face it, I'm addicted to... It's such a gift to experience this world. Yeah - it's a crazy and often cruel world, but if you look closely, there is such beauty, love, and generosity everywhere.

Three things that I want from my ideal mate are... I like to spend time with people who are upbeat and are able to see the glass half full, are curious about life and eager to learn. I respond to caring and gentle ways. And I love the outdoors. So you would not shy away from outdoor adventures of all kinds...

What is the one thing that you love that everybody else hates? Not sure if everyone hates rain. But I do love it when it rains. It's a time to be comfortably settled inside and get things done without feeling that constant urge to head outside into the sunshine...

Fill It

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are deception. I am comfortable in my skin and would like to see the same in my partner. So best just to be authentic. and Smoking. I am actually allergic to nicotin. It's that bad :-)

On a Saturday night you will most likely find me spending time with friends, dancing, playing music (jaming), strolling through the woods by moon light or going for a night ski...

I couldn't live without creativity - second only to love.

The first section I turn to in Seven Days is we don't have it here out in the boonies. lol :-) But if I do find it, I enjoy the lead stories, and won't burn it in my wood stove until I did the Sudoku ;-)

My ideal partner would be in the 58 to 68 age range.

The quickest way to my heart is a good sense of humor The quickest way to my bed is not sure if there is a quick way into my bed. And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked mmhhhh.... I am easy in the kitchen. Whichever way makes you happy.

In and Out

Cow's milk or Soy milk

Steak or Sushi

Murphy's Law or Karma

Dinner and a movie or Pizza and a rental

Cat or Dog

Theater or Night Club

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