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I'm a / We're a...:
Current Status:
Looking for:
Long-term Relationship
Body Type:
6' 01"
Hair Type:
Dirty blonde
Woman for Dating

College graduate
Spiritual, not religious. God is an imaginary friend for adults!
Political Leanings:
Liberal, Registered Independent
Real estate, renovation, and environmental interests.
Have Children:
Want Children:
I get around town via: Car
My dietary preferences are: Conscious Omnivore
I spend my free time: Reading, Creating, Watching movies, Dining out, Working, Walking, Homebrewing

Isn't mailman redundant?

NEWS FLASH (9-12-18) - With reference to my 10th paragraph below, there's no way I wasn't going to post this from today's Washington Post!: "Novelist who wrote about ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ charged with murdering her husband"
No one saw this coming?! (Clearly her husband didn't.)
Anyway, someone asked me how this online dating stuff was going. I said that it reminded me of this fellow who fell off the top of a 5-story building. As he passed each floor, the people inside heard him say, "So far, so good."
Okay, so, still no luck ...
I just want someone whose hand I want to hold ... passionately. That’s it. I simply want someone whose hand I want to hold. Everything else will follow from there ...
• Down to earth, heart of a child of the 60s/70s, Desiderata moves me
• Young in spirit, young at heart, young of looks
• Jeans over suits (but can rock one), love creating, building, and homebrewing
• Gregarious, socially adept, draw energy from being in public; but need my alone time
• Fun loving, affectionate, passionate
• Politically independent
• Believe in giving back
I have a sense of humor ranging from George Carlin (“God is an imaginary friend for adults”) … to Rodney Dangerfield (“My sex life’s so bad my waterbed’s called the Dead Sea”) … to Bob Hope (“A good wife will forgive her husband when she’s wrong.”) Okay, that last one was actually Phil Silvers.
[SIDEBAR: Why are “crap,” “poop,” “dung,” “feces,” and “kaka” acceptable, but “shit” isn’t? “Moral fiber leads to ethical shit” just somehow makes the point far better than “Moral fiber leads to ethical poo.”]
• Independent, well-grounded, self-aware
• Good-hearted, honest, emotionally mature
• Open and good communicator
• Natural beauty, natural inclinations
• Socially liberal, value intellectual stimulation
• Sensual, passionate
• European attitude and/or Bohemian nature a plus
• And, a great sense of humor!
If you have photos of yourself holding up a fish, a gun, a recipe for possum stew, or a dead husband you offed, then we’re probably not the best match.
If you live off the grid in a yurt (yet you’re somehow still reading this online), eat only sustainable home-grown organic tofu fertilized by your own “poo” to help reduce carbon footprint, and chant Tibetan death raps naked in the woods while a centaur plays a pan flute, we’re probably not the best match. (Okay, the naked in the woods part’s okay.)
Conversely, if you have the words “princess,” “knows how to treat a lady,” or “love being spoiled” in your moniker or profile, then we’re probably not the best match, either.
BUT, a really serious parameter:
If you were a rabid Bernista but didn’t vote for Hillary (as in against Trump) … if you actually think that your “making a statement” by not voting was more important than stopping Trump (who is the devil-incarnate antithesis of your supposed values, and a clear and present danger to America) … then we are definitely not the right match.


Three things that I want from my ideal mate are... honesty, self-awareness, and character.

People always tell me I'm... funny!

Name your guiltiest, most lurid pleasure. Long, hot showers; 12-year old balsamic vinegar; chocolate truffles; and you ... if I ever find you! :-)

The last time I made an ass out of myself, I... lost count as to how many times it had been!

Quote a line from your favorite movie. RENAULT: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here! ... CROUPIER: Your winnings, sir. ... RENAULT: Oh, thank you very much.

What is the one thing you hate that everybody else loves? Garlic. Well, I don't hate it, I use garlic powder when I cook, but in moderation.

I want to make a t-shirt that says... Michele Bachmann is a good alternative for Republicans who think Sarah Palin is too cerebral (David Borowitz)

It's karaoke night and I'm singing... Doobies, Frank, Van Morrison, and more!

Two books everyone should read are: The instruction manual ... then the Yellow Pages list of repair shops!

What is your most prized possession? My heart, my mind, my (four-legged) girls and my friends (though clearly not possessions), and my memories.

If you could change one thing about Vermont, it would be: I'd take one month out of winter and add it to summer; spring and fall are perfect as is!

Fill It

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are lack of character and lack of self-awareness.

On a Saturday night you will most likely find me watching Brit Wit or out n' about!

My favorite part about winter is fresh tracks in the snow.

I couldn't live without my girls (Golden Retrievers), humor, and music.

My astrological sign is Gemini and that gives me the right to talk to myself!

I always yell at the TV when , actually I don't yell, but I get indescribably disgussted with Trump & company.

If you have a pet, it better not be exotic or abused.

If you like me, you'd better like dogs, dogs, and dogs!

The quickest way to my heart is sincerity, honesty, and loyalty. The quickest way to my bed is ... ??? ... And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked in a Spanish or ham n' Swiss omelette, with green peppercorns!

Something I learned from the last person I dated is my heart still works.

My ideal partner would be in the 35 to 55 age range.

In and Out

Church or Brunch

Microbrew or Bud

Homebody or Busybody

Electric or Acoustic

Happy Holidays or Bah humbug!

Cow's milk or Soy milk

Murphy's Law or Karma

Shower singer or Karaoke singer

Dinner and a movie or Pizza and a rental

Cat or Dog

Email or Snail mail

Black or Cream & sugar

Hiking or Hunting


Fox News or The Daily Show

Starbucks or Capitol Grounds

Church St. or Maple Tree Place

SUV or Hybrid

Wireless or Landline

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