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Current Status:
Looking for:
Long-term Relationship
Body Type:
5' 07"
Hair Type:
Man for Dating

College graduate
Christian / Catholic
Political Leanings:
Have Children:
Yes, living with me
Want Children:
Unless I get drunk & sloppy, I'm not planning on it
Not interested
I get around town via: Car, Walk
My dietary preferences are: Indiscriminant Omnivore
I spend my free time: Reading, Creating, Watching movies, Dining out, Working, Skiing, being a mom

Mercurial Girl Seeks New Adventures

I'm looking for the real thing, dappled by moments of romance, lots of belly laughs, magnificent kissing and a desire to see the world, even if it's from the living room watching Discovery Channel. I just moved to Burly from central VT with my incredible kid - show me what you love in this wacky little town we call home. Holding hands is never underrated, and the subtle is oh-so-dreamy when only the two of us know what's happening. Secret languages? I'm all about them, especially when it comes to wiggly eyebrows and the unspoken word. First dates can be great - the 80th one should be, too. Come find the new in the old with me - adventures await.


Name your guiltiest, most lurid pleasure. Eating whipped cream straight from the can

Three things that I want from my ideal mate are... honesty, emotional stability and fun.

People always tell me I'm... a great candidate for President.

My favorite date activity is... with our weather, this is a fairly seasonal question for me. During the warm months I love to be outside, in the cold months I like to keep busy, whether it's bowling or seeing a new movie.

The last time I made an ass out of myself, I... laughed my ass off.

I've been told I resemble this celebrity... Courtney Love. Just kidding! Years ago it was Demi Moore. Let me stress the 'years ago' part.

What is the one thing that you love that everybody else hates? Mayonnaise.

What is the one thing you hate that everybody else loves? American Idol

I want to make a t-shirt that says... Well, that happened!

Quote a line from your favorite movie. there are far too many to name, but here goes one - well, actually, it's two: "Do they blow up into funny shapes and all?" "Well, only if round is funny." - Raising Arizona

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, it would be: Flatbread.

Two books everyone should read are: Any kind of Mad Magazine; Straight Man by Richard Russo

What is your most prized possession? My daughter

If you are a super-hero, what is your power? To make all dessert calories immediately disappear upon consumption.

If you could change one thing about Vermont, it would be: The hippies. Hah! Just kidding. Honestly, probably nothing, because then it wouldn't be Vermont, would it?

Fill It

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are bicyclists who ride in the middle of the road and too many bumper stickers on a car

On a Saturday night you will most likely find me having a glass of wine at one of the local watering holes with my pals

My favorite part about winter is watching my daughter fly down the slope during her ski races

My favorite snack is do I have to pick one?

My astrological sign is Gemini and that gives me the right to be mercurial

I always yell at the TV when the Red Sox are beating the Yankees

I couldn't live without indoor plumbing

If you like me, you'd better like Comedy Central and The Weather Channel

One sport I will never get is golf. Sorry, seems like a good way to ruin a perfectly fine walk.

If you have a pet, it better not be something rabid

The first section I turn to in Seven Days is the astrology - what else is there?

My ideal partner would be in the same to similar age range.

The quickest way to my heart is to make me laugh The quickest way to my bed is take the stairs, otherwise you'll have to use a ladder and climb in through the window. And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked doin' the yogurt thing in the morning these days

Something I learned from the last person I dated is if someone's not ready, they're not ready

It's Sunday morning at 10 a.m. If I'm not still sleeping, I'm with my daughter

Something people keep buying me as gifts and I never use is napkin holders

When I die, I believe I will go on

In and Out

Shower singer or Karaoke singer

Steak or Sushi

Church or Brunch

Murphy's Law or Karma

Reno 911 or Cops

Microbrew or Bud

Homebody or Busybody

Electric or Acoustic

Happy Holidays or Bah humbug!

Cow's milk or Soy milk

Ski or Snowboard

Email or Snail mail

Dinner and a movie or Pizza and a rental

Half empty or Half full

Talk or Action

Yankees or Red Sox

Cat or Dog

Get mad or Get even

Black or Cream & sugar

Jack Black or Jack White

Yoga or Aerobics

Ben & Jerry's or Creemees

Hiking or Hunting

American Flatbread or Domino's


Fox News or The Daily Show

Theater or Night Club

Health Food Store or Shaw's

Starbucks or Capitol Grounds

Morning Bird or Night Owl

Church St. or Maple Tree Place

SUV or Hybrid

Wireless or Landline

Swimming Pool or Bolton Pots

Designer Decor or Thrift-Store Chic

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