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Age: 41
Location: Central Vermont

Woman seeking
• Man for Dating

Man Bites Dog
This is the worst part because there is no right answer and it's a pass/fail exam. I'm a Unique Woman... learn more about me »


Age: 30
Location: Montpelier

Man seeking
• Woman for Dating

Laid-back guy
I’m laid-back and respectful. My interests include retro videogames, drums, the outdoors, music, retro/vintage. A curious mind.... learn more about me »


Age: 78
Location: Middlebury

Man seeking
• Woman for Dating
• Woman for Friendship

Amazingly fit nice guy
I was told 'this is your life not a dress rehearsal, so live it.' I'm very active, I ride my... learn more about me »


Age: 66
Location: Washington

Woman seeking
• Man for Dating
• Man for Friendship

Looking for an honest man
I have spent my life entertaining the big questions of existence: why are we here, what's our purpose in this... learn more about me »


Age: 50
Location: Montpelier

Woman seeking
• Man for Dating
• Man or Genderqueer or Gender non-conformist for Friendship

Gonna need a bigger boat….
I’m definitely a country-city girl who appreciates someone who understands “both worlds” as well. And I definitely tend to be... learn more about me »

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Seven Days Personals is a trusted, local online community powered by the readers of Vermont's largest weekly newspaper. Our 2000+ members are local and ready to meet up. You already have something in common with all these folks — you all read Seven Days! Let us introduce you...

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Katy B. and her husband

"15 years ago I met the love of my life through the Seven Days Personals — and we've been having fun ever since. We bought a house, got married and traveled the world. We're so grateful that Seven Days brought us together and look forward to what's next for us.

— Katy B.

Brandi at her wedding

"On my way to the I-Spys, I noticed that Brian was "featured" in the Personals section and he absolutely caught my attention. I created a profile, contacted him and we were engaged 3 months after meeting. We were married a year later, and had a son together — making us a family of 7!"

— Brandi L.

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