Seven Days Personals - Introducing: Vermonters

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I'm a / We're a...:
Current Status:
Looking for:
Casual Dating, Long-term Relationship
Body Type:
Slender, Average
6' 01"
Hair Type:
Dirty blonde
Woman for Dating

College graduate
Political Leanings:
Socially liberal, fiscally conservative
Have Children:
Want Children:
I get around town via: Car
My dietary preferences are: Conscious Omnivore
I spend my free time: Reading, Creating, Hiking, Watching movies, Working

No, "mailman" isn't redundant

Believe the science. Otherwise, check for polyps while you’re up there.
You may not believe in Fauci, but you damn well better believe in Darwin.
This online dating stuff reminds me of a fellow I knew who fell off the top of a five story building. As he passed each floor, the folks inside heard him say “so far, so good.”
And, it makes me feel like Sisyphus. (No, that’s not the Greek derivation of the social disease.) You know ... Sisyphus … the guy condemned to the same task for eternity ... keeps pushing the boulder up the hill ... the boulder keeps rolling back down on him ... blah, blah, blah ... whatever ...
Are you self-aware, and honest with yourself? Do you really know who you are and what you want?
Are you the master of your ego and emotions, or are they the masters of you?
Do you embrace self-improvement? Do you actually try to better yourself as a person, a partner, a member of society?
Are you truly a good communicator? Do you know the difference between talk and communicating, speaking and listening?
Are you of good character? One’s true character is revealed in times of adversity.
“Everyone” thinks they are all of the above.
Sooooo, once again …
I just want someone whose hand I want to hold ... passionately. That's it. I simply want someone with a warm and kind heart whose hand I want to hold. Everything else will follow from there.
• Down to earth, heart of a child of the 60s & 70s, Desiderata moves me
• Young at heart
• Much prefer jeans over suits (but can rock one)
• Love creating and building
• Gregarious, socially adept, draw energy from being in public; but less is more, and I need my time
• Fun loving, affectionate, passionate
• Politically independent
• Believe in giving back
I have a sense of humor ranging from George Carlin ("God is an imaginary friend for adults") ... to Rodney Dangerfield ("My sex life's so bad my waterbed's called the Dead Sea") ... to Bob Hope ("A good wife will forgive her husband when she's wrong.") Okay, that last one was actually Phil Silvers. If we meet and you don't get my sense of humor, it'll be the longest date of your life!
[SIDEBAR: Ya know, if the world was a logical place, it would be men who ride side saddle. Why are "crap," "poo," "dung," and "kaka" acceptable, but "shit" isn't? "Moral fiber leads to ethical shit" just somehow makes the point far better than "Moral fiber leads to ethical poo.”]
• Independent, well-grounded, self-aware
• Good-hearted, honest, emotionally mature
• Open and good communicator
• Natural beauty, natural inclinations
• Socially liberal, value intellectual stimulation
• Sensual, passionate
• European attitude or Bohemian nature a plus
• And, a great sense of humor!
If you have photos of yourself holding up a fish, a gun, a recipe for possum stew, or a husband you just offed, then we're probably not the best match. If you live off the grid in a yurt (yet you're somehow still reading this online), eat only sustainable home-grown organic tofu fertilized by your own "poo" to help reduce carbon footprint, and chant ritual Tibetan raps naked in the woods while a centaur plays a pan flute, we're probably not the best match. (Well, okay, the naked in the woods part's okay.)
BUT, A SERIOUS PARAMETER: No Trump supporters.
And, believe the science.


Three things that I want from my ideal mate are... Good character, self-awareness, good communication skills, passion. (So what, that's 4, there're actually more!)

People always tell me I'm... Very funny. (I'm actually one of the funniest people you don't know!)

I would describe my fashion sense as... Jeans, casual, woodsy!

Fill It

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are poor character and poor communication skills

My ideal partner would be in the ? to ? age range.

The quickest way to my heart is TBD The quickest way to my bed is TBD And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked Benedict with capers

In and Out

Cow's milk or Soy milk

Microbrew or Bud

Murphy's Law or Karma

Dinner and a movie or Pizza and a rental

Cat or Dog

Black or Cream & sugar

Get mad or Get even


Fox News or The Daily Show

Morning Bird or Night Owl

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